What Is Marketing In 3 Minutes Marketing For Beginners

Every person you meet has a different definition of what marketing is all about. Some use the words marketing and sales interchangeably, but that’s a big mistake. Why? Because marketing is not sales. There is a significant difference between direct marketing, sales, and social media, although they are all interrelated. Thankfully, this video breaks down the subject in layman’s terms for those who are new to marketing.

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What is marketing? A quick search on Google explains marketing as an action of promoting and selling services and products. However, you will find the best definition of marketing from the American Association of Marketing. They define marketing as an act or even the process of communicating a wide range of offers that have value to clients.

Put differently, marketing allows you to communicate a solution to potential and existing clients for their problems. Marketing also helps businesses show the value of your services and products to them.

Two types of marketing you need to know include traditional and modern marketing. Examples of traditional marketing include radio advertising, TV, print advertising, etc. On the other hand, modern marketing utilizes online platforms, such as Google Ads, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media marketing, and more. A marketing company can certainly help to promote your business.

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