What Business Improvement Services Should Your Company Offer?

If you want to boost your business improvement services, you need to know what to offer so that you stand out from the other competition. Know what your competition is currently doing for business improvement, and know what your clients are looking to get. There are some services that are hard to get in this industry, and your clients are usually having to shop around between contractors to get what they need from these services. By having all these improvement services under one umbrella, you’ll be able to improve on your client’s needs and be their first call when they need something for their commercial building.

AC Installation Service

One of the best things you can add to your improvement services is to have commercial HVAC repairs to all commercial businesses. This means that the heating elements and the air conditioning components of these systems need to be addressed when you go out to a commercial property. In some cases, there will be multiple units for a building because of the size and stories that it has. This is something to keep in mind when offering these services and having a team on hand to offer this.

Some properties are also in need of an AC installation service, which means you will have to purchase the system from the beginning and get it installed. Depending on the size of the building, an AC installation service may include multiple units that need to be managed. This will require you to also be available when there are repairs needed, and have the staff available to go out and maintain these systems when needed. When installing these new systems, make sure you encourage them to purchase the more energy-efficient options, as there is an advanced technology that will allow them to manage the temperature from their phone and keep it secure so anyone can’t just go in and adjust the temperature.

Include Well Contractors

One of the contractor types that isn’t thought of often is well contractors but they are great for improvement services to make the company more efficient. These commercial well contractors are able to go into the wells on the property and identify any issues that have developed. Sometimes this can be as small as changing filters, while other services require them to go out and dig a well again. Some properties will need multiple wells depending on their size and function, especially if they aren’t able to tap into a local water source. This is an ideal service that’s needed for rural plants and companies that are out away from large cities.

These well contractors will also have to work together with commercial plumbers and septic contractors to ensure that all systems are working cohesively in the process. If there is a backup in one of these systems, these contractors will have to work together through the service to find the issue and see how it relates to the water table and pump. Sometimes there is a need to have the pump replaced, and that could be all that’s needed in a building that is older and now utilizes more water from the water table than it did in the past. Upgrading to new pumps will help stabilize their systems and make them more efficient overall, especially if they’re in the manufacturing sector.

Lease Commercial Property

One of the best options for business improvement services is to have commercial property available to lease. This is a great option if you want to supplement your income and bring in more options for commercial property for rent for the small businesses in your area. A great thing about having your own commercial property is that you can manage the maintenance on it and ensure that it stays maintained properly as opposed to inheriting it and having to go through and do a lot of upgrades to the space.

You can also work with your commercial tenants to manage the security system on the properties that you own. You have the option to purchase small strip malls that are commercial but can fit in multiple businesses, or stand-alone properties that can be used as doctor offices, legal services, or other types of businesses that offer face-to-face services. Some rural areas may have some older plants and manufacturing centers that can be purchased. If they’ve been vacant for a while though, you’ll want to go through and have them updated before you open it up to be rented out by local companies.

Commercial Electrician Services

Business improvement services can’t be complete without the help of a commercial electrical contractor. These teams can do more than the basic residential renovations. They are also able to ensure that systems are operational on large grids and scales. This commercial-grade electrical box is designed to house power in different areas and functions throughout a large building. This means that you’ll need to supply energy to large lighting systems, technology, and units that are meant to manage the temperatures in the building.

Commercial electricians are up to code on local requirements and state laws to ensure safety. This is another reason why you need a team of electrical contractors working to ensure that commercial buildings are compliant with regulations. Not all of your business competitors have this as an option in their business improvement services, which can make you stand out among the rest. If you live in an area that has a lot of storms, then you’ll want to be sure that they can manage surge protection on the property so the businesses can get back to work as soon as possible.

Include Cleaning Services

If you really want to stand out with business improvement services, offering cleaning services that are similar to cleaning companies can make your business thrive for clients who need a thorough cleaning team to come through after hours and clean the place. The basic list of cleaning services should be to do small cleaning tasks like taking out trash, vacuuming carpeted areas, mopping floors, and dusting the space throughout the building.

In addition to these tasks, you can request a sanitized cleaning, where each office goes through a process and is cleaned thoroughly with sanitizers to remove germs and eliminate potential sickness that can get through the building. This is a great option for businesses that get a lot of public exposure, like doctor offices, legal offices, and banks where they can’t control the population coming into the building.

You can also offer additional cleaning services that are more specialized, for example, cleaning out an area when someone moves out of a space. This can make it a great option for the new person coming into that space, and something that many of your commercial clients will appreciate. Other cleaning services include renovation or construction clean up, where your team goes into space after there’s been work done and it needs to be cleaned up.

Window Services

Windows is very important to businesses, so offering services that maintain them is a bonus to business improvement services. You can have these windows cleaned by your cleaning team who comes in, but if your clients need new windows installed property, you should have a team available who can assist with this so that they are secure. Some businesses will need to upgrade their windows over time to get something more energy-efficient and more secure. Depending on the type of business they have, it may require them to have bulletproof windows to stop heavy streams of pressure. This is also ideal for businesses that are in areas prone to hurricanes and tornadoes.

Another type of window service that you can offer is office window tinting services. These are great for tinting the outdoor windows to the public, and tinting individual windows inside the office. Window tint allows one-way views, so employees inside can see out and see who’s coming, but others can’t see inside. This is a great option for working in businesses where a lot of customer data could be exposed and window tint gives that protection. Go an extra step for the customers who aren’t a fan of window tint and offer to frost the windows if they would prefer. It would make it hard for others to see in, but it doesn’t allow employees to see out as easily as window tint.

Commercial Roofing

Some of the best ways to truly offer improvement services is to have a commercial roofer and team available on your staff. Roofs can be problematic for commercial buildings, especially those that are flat and have systems sitting on top of the roof. There needs to be proper drainage, and when water isn’t draining properly and building up, it could cause significant damage to the roof and they need extensive repairs. These aren’t as easy as just repairing some shingles or metal on some of the larger buildings, and they need a team to go in and clean up the damage first and then make the repair.

Smaller buildings that have residential-looking roofs can diversify their roof options. With metal roofs becoming more affordable and offering less maintenance compared to the other options, commercial buildings are considering them for their properties, as well. They can still be customized to be different colors and fit a scheme that the business is branding, allowing a bit of uniqueness from your team compared to other businesses.

Security Gates And Doors

No matter what business clients you have, maintaining security gates on the property is vital to ensure the safety and security of staff, vendors, and public patrons who may be onsite. Some of the gates that they use will need to be strong to keep unwanted guests out of the property. Depending on what types of doors they’re using, you’ll have to connect both the security gates and the doors to the same security system. If they’re planning to use keypads or large locks, the security gates need to be installed with that in mind.

Security gates will need to be placed around the property, so make sure that you walk the perimeter with the business owner of the property to determine how many types of gates you need. Depending on what type of vendors, trucks, and other vehicles are coming into the property regularly, you’ll need to also know what size of a gate you need and how that will work when these vehicles drive up to the entrance. Doors should also be given the same thought, knowing where all the entrances are to the buildings, and what size doors are needed. Find out if these doors need to be reinforced, have windows to see on the other side, and what type of locks will be used. If there’s a loading zone on the property, the large slide up garage doors should also be considered so that freight and cargo can get in and out of the business successfully.

Are You Ready To Service Your Clients?

Trying to get all the services and things needed like improvement services can be a real chore for business owners to tackle. This can be especially frustrating when they’re not local services, and they have to reach out to them from places far away. This can be inconvenient and put off their needs for a long period of time, ultimately impacting their ability to do their job.

If you decide to offer business improvement services like the ones above, you’ll need a truly talented team to work with that has a diversified skill set and is able to manage these tasks. However, you’ll always have some work available, and can really build a reputation that is positive with the business owners in your area. It may not be your goal to knock out the competition, but if you’re offering these services in one place and have the team to back up the services you plan to offer, it will be really hard for them to compete with you. Be sure to remember these tips when looking to expand your business.

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