9 Great Jobs to Consider in Morgantown

If you have newly relocated to Morgantown, you’re probably excited about getting your new life started. Finding a good job is one of the things you’ll need to do to kick-start your new beginnings. These are some ideas for jobs you can work in the area and a little information about why they might be excellent choices for you. You might find some of them profitable or enjoyable in the new locale. Consider all of them if you’re currently unemployed, looking for a change, or trying to put extra money in your wallet.

1. Delivery Driver

Delivery driver positions are a great idea because of the autonomy they give you. They may be a perfect match for you if you love to drive and are okay with spending many hours on the road alone. A lot of companies offer their commercial vehicles to drivers so they can deliver a vast assortment of goods. Many opportunities exist, as well. You can choose whether to operate a regular vehicle or the type of truck that a trailer manufacturer builds.

You’ll need to get a CDL license if you want to operate a tractor-trailer for a corporation. The good news is that some trucking companies pay for their employees to get their CDL licenses. You’ll have to be studious and excellent on the road to earn it, but it will be well worth getting an amazing salary.

You may have to sign a contract to work for such a company for two years, but the income and benefits will be worth it. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, CDL drivers earn an average of $49,920. However, you can potentially earn more than that, depending on your location and the company you decide to work for.

Indeed says that the average diesel truck driver earns $86,621. So you should go that route if you need a higher salary. You’ll also need to earn special licensing to operate a diesel truck, but the time and effort you put into obtaining those credentials will be well worth it. You can work for a diesel trucking company or invest in a used diesel truck and work for yourself.

Delivery jobs aren’t just high-end trucking positions. You can use your vehicle to perform deliveries in gig work jobs. For example, you can work for the best delivery company in the area and deliver food to hungry people from grocery stores or restaurants if you want to get into that line of work. You can also deliver packages, automotive parts, and other items to the people in the community.

These jobs work best if you have a reliable vehicle with only a few miles. You can download an app and apply for the position through that app. If approved, you can work whenever you’re available and provide services to the community when you can. Each company has its own pricing grid and offering system. However, you can only take jobs if they offer a reasonable price. You can reject the offers you don’t like and accept the ones that seem feasible.

2. Builder

Builder jobs might be right for you if you’re good with your hands or have experience with carpentry or similar work. You can be a pole barn builder in rural areas or do side jobs as a contractor.

You might also choose to be a home builder. Home builders create dreams for people who want to move and change their lives. You might love building homes for new residents and such. Alternatively, you can get a job with a barnwood supply company.

The pay varies in this type of position. You can earn as little as $35,000 a year or up to $128,000. It depends on who you work for, what location you choose to work in, and some additional factors. It’s a great choice if you enjoy working with your hands.

3. Marketing Specialist

You might also want to consider a job in marketing. Content marketers provide compelling content that attracts customers to small and large businesses. Some specialists also manage content creators or find material for business entities. One of the best features of working in this field is that you can do it from home.

Work-from-home jobs allow you to work when you please and save fuel costs and automotive repairs. You can also receive some tax credits if you use your home as an office and meet other criteria.

As a content creator, you’ll do market research and think of exciting new ways to introduce products and services to the community. You’ll have a lot of fun coming up with successful campaigns and ideas.

As a manager in marketing, you’ll hunt for the best materials and creators, providing businesses with exactly what they need to succeed in their industry. This type of job is amazing for creative and artistic people. It can also pay a pretty penny if you find the right content marketing company. According to Indeed, you can earn about $72,000 a year as a content marketer. Thus, it might be something for you to think about if you need to earn an above-average income.

4. Roofer

Roofing is another industry in which you should consider getting involved. You can be one of your area’s best metal roofing contractors and help people when they first move into their new homes. You can also install metal roofs for businesses or people who purchase investment properties.

This job isn’t for the faint of heart. To survive as a roofer, you need to have no fear of heights. You must also be okay with working outside in all types of weather.

If those factors seem plausible, you can train to become a roofer. The best way to start is to find an apprenticeship so you can work with other roofers and learn the trade. After you’ve learned the trade, you can branch off into your own business. A metal roof installation specialist can earn an average of $57,000 a year. It’s not an extremely wealthy position, but it might be something you’re comfortable with.

5. Lawyer

Jobs in the legal field can be some of the most rewarding ventures. Therefore, you might want to consider getting hired as a legal professional. You may be able to snag a position as a paralegal if you have some law training or administrative work experience. Paralegals do a lot of the paperwork and communication for accident lawyers and other attorneys. They earn approximately $63,000 a year and do not do heavy labor. It’s also fairly easy to get certification to be a paralegal. You can earn a certificate in less than a year and then leverage that to land a job in the legal realm.

Becoming an actual attorney takes much longer study periods and will require you to pass the state bar. However, it can be fruitful if income is your main concern. The average attorney earns more than $127,000; you can earn more than that if your pricing grid is generous. You’ll need to choose the field you want to work in.

Defense attorneys help people accused of crimes to get acquitted. Personal injury lawyers assist people in accidents and other unfortunate situations. They help those people receive compensatory and punitive damages for car accidents and medical mishaps.

Divorce attorneys assist with the process of divorce and custody and visitation issues. You might even be an employment lawyer who helps workers deal with discrimination and other issues. Lots of possibilities exist in the legal realm. You’ll need to tailor your education to the field of law that interests you the most. The more relevant credentials you have, the greater your opportunity to find a job you’ll love and be fruitful in your position.

6. Automotive Technician

An automotive technician job might be just what you need if you enjoy working with your hands. The vast field includes everything from oil and lube techs to full-fledged engine and transmission specialists. You can easily enter the automotive realm without a degree if you don’t mind the entry-level work. Once you secure a job in the field, you might get access to free training to earn ASE certifications and other crucial credentials.

You may also choose to go the route of getting a full-fledged degree in the field. If you take a course designed to help you pass the ASE testing, you can become a specialist in a single area of automotive repair. For example, you might only want to do suspension or engine work. Alternatively, you can become a master technician, which is like a jack of all trades in the automobile realm. You’ll know how to work on every system a car has and can earn an amazing salary with your skills. Automotive technicians earn as little as $15 an hour or as much as $100 an hour. Your income will depend heavily on which certifications and experiences you have.

7. Fast-Food Manager

You might be a little cautious about becoming a manager in a fast-food restaurant because of the bad rap some chain establishments have. However, their managers earn decent salaries and access a wealth of benefits and educational perks. You can start earning about $43,000 in such a position and work up to higher jobs like district and regional managers. This job might benefit you if you’re a good problem solver with amazing social skills. You’ll do scheduling, hiring, firing, inventory ordering, customer resolution, etc. Many fast-food restaurants are willing to hire entry-level managers without a specific degree and send them away for specialized training. You might want to consider that if you’ve been considering getting into such a field.

8. Electronics Technician

An electronics technician job will be a favorable choice if you love technology and have mechanical aptitude. You might enjoy fixing computers, mobile phones, televisions, and other equipment. You can choose to take one of many routes in this realm. Mobile phone repair technicians are always needed because phones break constantly. The market is also not very likely to crumble, as more people own smartphones now than ever. If you’re a beginner, you can apply for entry-level positions as a mobile phone tech for a small shop. Learn all you can from the training program and other technicians until you become comfortable in the craft. Once you become comfortable, you can branch off to larger corporations and showcase your skill set.

Computer repair is another huge industry that isn’t likely to go under anytime soon. People always need to upgrade their computers or resolve viruses and other issues. Thus, you might want to consider getting into this work area strongly. Mobile phone technicians can earn up to $30 an hour in the right establishment and location.

Earning a degree in electrical engineering or a relevant field might help you land a fantastic job as a repair person in this field.

9. IT Specialist

If you’re a computer-savvy person, an IT specialist job might be perfect for you. These individuals help others to fix their computer network issues. As an IT specialist, you’ll have many options regarding who you can work for and your earning potential. It doesn’t take long to get the certification necessary for an IT job, either. Also, if you’re lucky, you might land a job with a company that can help you get into IT. A low-level IT specialist can earn about $40,000 yearly, but a seasoned one can earn about $89,000. That’s something to think about if you’re looking to increase your earnings in the future. You can earn certification for IT in fewer than six months and then start looking for jobs in the field immediately. Once you get experience, you can take it to high-end organizations and move to higher-paying positions. There are a lot of possibilities in this field and the potential to grow your income greatly.

The positions mentioned above are only a few ideas you can use if you’re relocating to Morgantown. Many other opportunities are available. You’ll need to explore a bit and see what’s out there. Start with this list and add other areas of interest and expertise. Think about what works best for you regarding finance and interest level. Take your time so you land on something you can truly enjoy.

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