Running a Computer Repair Shop

The video “A Typical Day at a Computer Repair Shop” by Brandon Cox shows the activities performed at a computer services shop on a day when the boss is not in the store. Although the video begins with Brandon opening the retail store’s door at 10:00 AM, turning on the Open light, and setting up the cash register, no customer interactions are included. Instead, he tells viewers he has two computers to repair.

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One computer randomly reboots, and he needs to determine why.
The owner thinks the second machine, which does not boot up consistently, may have been hit by lightning, but Brandon does not believe this to be true. Instead, he opens the case and finds it full of dust, so he blows it out. Later, Brandon suggests this computer may have a hard drive problem, and he plans to swap the drive to see if that is the problem.
A third machine arrived at the store that day. When turned on, the computer gives a diagnostic message indicating a boot device was not found, suggesting a hard drive issue. Brandon later confirmed that the hard drive was dead, and, unfortunately, the customer did not back up the data, so he lost everything. The story’s moral is to back up your data since losing your data can be catastrophic.

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