Heres Why Used Car Prices Are Dropping

In this video, they talk about the used car and I believe the prices of the cars will be coming down.

The author is a car dealer who is concerned about the future of used car prices. They have noticed that despite having used cars for sale at a reasonable price, they are not selling. They attribute this to people not having enough money to purchase used cars The author disagrees with others, including YouTuber Ray, who believes that used car-for-sale prices will continue to rise.

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Instead, the author predicts that wholesale prices will begin to come down and that dealers will lose their appetite for paying high prices. They have observed this trend at auctions and have received calls from dealers who have not had to pay floor plan fees for the past three years. The author believes that wholesales eventually trickle down to the retail market as dealers are forced to lower their prices. They note that there was a downtrend in wholesale prices and used car values from summer to the end of the year in 2022. In summary, the author believes that wholesale prices for used cars for sale will come down, and this will eventually lead to lower retail prices, contrary to the views of Ray and other YouTubers who believe that used cars for sale prices will continue to rise.

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