A Guide to Delivering Oil

Heating oil delivery is an essential service that homeowners rely on to keep their homes warm and comfortable. It may seem simple, but a heating oil delivery company does much work.

One of the first things involved in delivering heating oil is scheduling the delivery with the oil company. Homeowners should contact their oil company to arrange a delivery when their tank is low to ensure they never run out of oil.

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Some companies offer automatic delivery, monitoring the homeowner’s usage and scheduling deliveries accordingly.

Once the delivery is scheduled, the driver will arrive with the oil tanker truck. The driver will verify the amount of oil needed and pump the heating oil into the tank. Some drivers will also visually inspect the tank to ensure excellent condition.

Homeowners must ensure clear access to their oil tank, as the delivery truck must be able to park near the tank and have a clear path for the oil hose. Additionally, they should label the tank with their name and address to avoid confusion with neighboring properties.

After the delivery, the driver will provide a delivery ticket that includes the amount of oil delivered and the total cost. Homeowners should retain this ticket for their records and ensure they are billed correctly.

A heating oil delivery company does a straightforward process, but it’s important for homeowners to understand the steps involved and ensure that their oil tank is easily accessible for the delivery truck.


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