Search Engine Optimization 101

Have you recently started your own business? If so, you will probably need to run an online marketing campaign to grow your client base, which means you will need to use search engine optimization. The video provides a short course on SEO 101. This is a long and well-produced video that tells you what is required to run an effective SEO campaign.

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Here, we will summarize some of the main points from the video.

Search engine optimization begins with keywords. These are the words and phrases that people will type into Google to find the goods and services that you sell. To find out what those keywords are, you will need to do some research. Another important part of SEO is link-building. You want to embed links in your content that go to informative and reliable websites. The more of these you have, the higher your rankings will be. Finally, you must have content that people want to read. Content that educates and inspires people is the content that gets read and shared. You must also ensure that you keep the content current so that it does not become outdated and useless. Now you know how to get started with your search engine optimization campaign.


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