As a Vet Clinic Owner, What Puppy Food for Allergies Should I Recommend?

When you own a vet clinic, you need to know what to recommend to your clients about the kind of food they should buy for a dog with allergies. The puppy food for allergies that you can offer them should typically be of prescription strength so that the dogs are properly cared for and that their allergies don’t flair up in any big way.

Many are seeing the best type of protein in dog food for dogs that have allergies is dog food with salmon as a major included ingredient. This is because most dogs don’t experience salmon allergies, which means that it is typically a safe protein to provide to a dog that has allergies to other types of protein.

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This is not the case for literally every dog, but it is a good to rule of thumb as far as things go.

Each case must be viewed individually, which is why veterinarians will always want to meet the dog they are prescribing food for because they need to know the specifics of the dog they are working with. Because of this, some vets will only recommend a certain type of dog food after seeing the dog in person.


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