Everything Roofing Contractors Need to Know

In this local roofing company video Zack from “Veteran Construction” takes the viewer through the basics of roofing.
He shows, through the use of a specially built platform representing a house roof, the methods he uses for the basic steps.
This includes how to nail materials in the most efficient way and instruction on using simple roofing tools and materials.

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For example, he demonstrates the placing of the aluminum gutter apron and how to cut drip edges. He states perfect precision is not necessary. Just be sure there are no vast overlaps or bulges.
He also demonstrates how to place the ice and water shield material and roofing material, commenting on nail placement and safety alerts such as the extra slippery ice shield.
He shares tips he has learned through the years as a local roofing company roofer for the best outcome of the project. Additionally, he speaks on a few instances where other roofers have chosen a different route to complete an aspect of a roofing project, and why he felt it caused more of an issue instead of success. For instance, when they cut drip edges too short to connect properly.

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