What are the Benefits of Having Remote Access to Servers?

Remote access allows for long-distance connection no matter where in the world the user is. For employees in big corporations, this can mean the ability to communicate with others in different branches, and even work while traveling or telecommuting. For avid gamers and companies in this industry, this means utilizing a service where you can connect with others all around the world on different devices with quick response times. MelonCube’s Minecraft server hosting services enable remote access to servers, and there are several benefits to this feature.

Response Time

When you’re gaming, quick response times are essential for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. Additionally, this long-distance connection allows administrators and techs to help with any problems that arise, no matter where you are located.

Cost Effective

If you are in a situation where a quick response time makes or breaks you financially, you need a service you can rely on. Regardless of what you are using the server for, gaming, business, or otherwise, remote access to servers can save you money in the trouble-shooting process and guarantee efficient use of your time.


Since remote access servers can be accessed no matter where you are or what device you are using, it makes connecting to others extremely easy. You don’t need to miss out on any gaming opportunities while traveling or on a new computer.


End-users on these servers are legally entitled to their privacy and certain rules are required through remote access servers to make you feel secure in this connection. Users are notified before a tech accesses their PC, regardless of what is being done. Once an administrator is done with their work, they must disconnect from the connection and they cannot collect any data from your computer without your permission.

The popularity of gaming has only increased in recent years, and with this, an escalating need for reliable servers. For end-users, remote access gives you the ability to game from anywhere with a stable, secure connection you can trust. According to Microsoft, you should use a server with DDoS protection, and our company ensures your remote access is protected with 480 Gbps advanced DDoS protection. At MelonCube, we not only offer this service but 24/7 Minecraft hosting and hundred of modpacks, all with impeccable performance and for reasonable prices! Give us a call today to get to hosting within minutes!

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